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An observation can be said to consist of three parts:
The observer, the observed, and the act of observation.
An observation in the absence of everything might be something like a reflection, or a dream...Or perhaps just a word.

For your consideration, this site includes several examples of my work with various methods of creative development, and my understanding of various technologies.

Please contact me directly at Hello@UbiquitousAmbiguity.com for any inquiries. I am currently available for remote consultations and contract work
Trap-Door Layout - Promotional Image

'Trap-Door' Template

Website Template

Project Code

Full-screen, mobile friendly website template with CSS-driven animation which creates a unique layered effect during navigation.

Red Curtain Template - Promotional Image

'Red Curtain' Template

Website Template

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Full-screen, mobile friendly website template using only CSS to achieve an interesting effect.

Pandora The Dragon - Promotional Image

Pandora The Dragon

Mobile Game for Android (unfinished)

Download APK

A simple mobile platformer game featuring custom artwork, music, and physics. Made with Unity.

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